Why we need an External Storage Device

External hard drives are easy to use, fits on your pocket, can provide a huge amount of storage to save files and instantly transfer them to other computers or OTG devices.

Having a portable hard drive are like having a peace of mind if your computer suddenly not functioning some reason, your high-end laptop is somewhat missing or drowned in the deep sea  and you got a back-up files on your fancy portable HDD.


External hard drives are usually have bigger storage capacities and cheaper as value per gigabytes than flash drives, it is often used to store back-up files especially if your keeping your important files safe and secure even if your computers’ files are suddenly corrupted or accidentally deleted.

Portable HDDs can also be encrypted if you’d like to store sensitive data files so that no one can access your portable HDD (especially when stolen) without the Password or your permission using an encryption tool like BitLocker.

Even if not using for back-up purposes, these portable HDD can be used for expanding your existing storage especially for using laptops since there is a limited number of storage devices that a laptop can handle mostly for thin devices which is typically can hold one SSDs/HDDs.

External hard drives are commonly connected via USB cables to your computers’ USB port as well as OTG devices such as Android smartphones, what we recommend is to choose with at least an interface of USB 3.0 to maximize the performance and transfer rate when connected to most modern computers.


If you purchased for example a 1,000Gb or 1Tb hard drive, you should expect to store an average of:

  • 250,000 mp3 songs
  • 320,000 high resolution photos
  • 700 HD-movies

But you need to remember that this are just estimates, all depending on the actual size per file.


The My Passport portable drive features a sleek and vibrant design that comes in a wide range of colors that matches your personal style which comes in Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and White.

My Passport by WDC

These portable drive is ready to use out of the box and includes WD BackUp and WD Security software to help protect your data. It has a USB interface of 3.0 with USB 2.0 backward compatible so you’re sure that you’ll able to maximize the transfer speed of these fancy looking drive.

You can choose whether a 1Tb or up to 4Tb in this kind of portable drive depending on the need of storage capacities you’re going to store.

Storejet 25M3 is a military grade shock resistance portable drive so that you won’t get shocked like surprised by a ghost in a horror movie if this drive is accidentally drop on the ground ‘coz it is a durable HDD with anti-shock rubber outer case.

StoreJet 25M3 by Transcend

This portable drive has a SuperSpeed USB 3.1 interface which is also a backward compatible to USB 2.0 and a One Touch Auto-BackUp button so you can back-up your files with just one click. It has a quick reconnect button so that you don’t need to re-insert the device if it was safely removed.

In addition, these portable drive also features a 256-bit AES file & folder encryption with exclusive Transcend Elite data management software and comes with a 500Gb2Tb of storage capacity to choose from.

Canvio is a portable buddy that will certainly satisfy your storage basic needs and also designed for security as it has a discreet and compact feature to protect your data with a ramp load design that prevents internal wear on the move and a shock sensor that will cut the power to protect data in the event of physical stress of these device.

Canvio Ready by Toshiba

It comes with a 500Gb and up to 3Tb of storage capacity and with an interface of USB 3.0 which is also compatible with 2.0. It has a 256-bit encryption for file security as most external drives needs these especially for sensitive files you might need to store.

The Canvio Ready is a rough chassis with chicc, dotted pattern and is the ideal companion for busy users who need quick and easy storage.


You can purchase those awesome portable hard drives on Lazada with Cash on Delivery available and No Sign-ups needed. So hurry up and reward yourself an external HDD for expanding your existing storage and backing-up your files before its too late.

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