Tips on Erasing your files on a Hard Drive

Hit the ‘DELETE’ key and Empty the ‘Recycle Bin’, Done.. WRONG!

Don’t just simply hit the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard and empty your ‘recycle bin’, your files might be recovered. Tips on Erasing your files on a Hard Drive.

Physically hammering and destroying your Hard Drive is the easiest thing to do in terms of securely erasing your files on that drive.

No one can recover your files on the Hard Drive if it’s broken, but you only need to do that if..
* Your HDD health is low.
* There’s a lot bad of bad sector on that drive.
* Basically, you’re going to replace that HDD and transfer your files.

If you’re going to delete your files and empty your ‘recycle bin’, it is only delete from the file system of the HDD and the file is no longer present but you or someone may recover those files because the sector of the hard drive keeps a record on that delete file until it is overwritten or fully-wiped.

In order to avoid that files being recovered, you need to use tools that will securely erased or wiped your files; for example, we’re using Acronis DriveCleanser by Acronis/Western Digital for wiping the hard drive.

Disk Wiping will took several minutes/hours depending on the size of the hard drive because the tool will read and delete pointers by pointers of each sector of the hard drive.

Another program you may use is Darik’s Boot and Nuke. This is an ISO file program for booting your PC to DBAN commands (like a BIOS menu) but for a function of irrecoverably destroying your files on the hard drive.

You need to burn DBAN program file to a CD or using your USB Flash Drive in order to use this program, but be sure you’re done backing-up your files before you boot into this dashboard.

There’s a lot of tools for securely deleting your files on a hard drive and these methods are also recommended for those who are going to give or sell their hard drive to someone.

This is the most awkward thing to do when securely erasing your files on a hard drive, let’s think that someone will try to recover the files on the your hard drive. First thing to do is to delete your important or confidential files and then format your hard drive, right click on the hard drive and click “Format”.

Click on “Restore device defaults” and click “Start” button, your files on the hard drive still possible for recovery but we’re going to do is overwrite the possible sector of your deleted important/confidential files by copy-pasting unnecessary file on that hard drive.

Yes! you read that right, you’re going to fill your hard drive with files that you think it doesn’t make sense to anyone like an old movie files, photos of nothing or anything just to fill your hard drive, delete your files again after you fill your drive and when someone steal your hard drive and tries to recover what’s inside, they’ll see a bunch on unnecessary files on that drive.

PUBLISHED: [October 6, 2017] Last updated on October 6, 2017 by kierddt


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