Razer Cortex and zSilver

Razer Cortex and zSilver Explained.

Playing game is somewhat lag? can’t upgrade yet?  Razer gaming peripherals for FREE? Razer Cortex made this possible with zSilver. Let’s find out how it works!

Razer Cortex is a game booster and caster application that helps your PC to boost and optimize game files, closing unnecessary applications including background processes that may interfere your gaming experience, in-game live streaming, game recording+screenshots and gives you rewards.

Cortex is a Free app made by Razer, and you can directly download the app on their site or by just clicking here.

Tweaking adjust your PC’s settings and improving performance, a restart is required to take effect band you can restore these when something happens, Defrag is a tool that organize your games’ folder for faster loading times which is recommended for HDDs (Defrag isn’t required on SSDs) and Boosting is a mode that temporarily close unnecessary applications, background processes and improving your gaming experience.

Game Caster is a Cortex tool that enables in-game streaming with YouTube, Twitch, Douyu or Panda TV as well as checking game FPS, screenshots and video game recording.


zSilver is a unified virtual payment and rewards credits for gamers that is use for paying Razer products (eg. Razer mouse, keyboard, etc.), keys for some paid to play games from Steam and discounts. zSilver’s virtual loyalty credits can be rewarded by just logging in and playing featured games (of the month) from Razer Cortex.

up to 40 zSilver per day by just logging in

You can buy online stuff by using zSilver as a payment such as Steam Key as well as purchasing Razer gaming peripherals like Razer Abyssus V2 Mouse (just pay Shipping) by entering a Voucher code to those who redeem on zVault razer zone.

Redemption Successful (Razer Abyssus V2)

When redeeming an item to their zVault, you’ll get an e-mail that is link on your Razer “Cortex” account in order to get the Voucher code of the item you redeem.

Once you get the Voucher code, You’ll need add the exact item (eg. Razer Abyssus V2) to your shopping cart of the RazerZone (Online) Store and then applying the Voucher code in order to offset the amount as they said as ‘discount’ on purchasing a gaming peripheral. Note that you need to double check the region of the RazerZone Store because the Voucher code is region specific.

And there you have it guys, so download the Cortex now, boost your game and start earning zSilver while playing one of the featured game(s).

[DATE PUBLISHED: November 23, 2017] Last updated on November 23, 2017 by kierddt


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