Rakk ANYAG – Overview

Rakk Anyag – a budget PC chassis with cool specs.

Cable management, transparent side panel, up to 8x120mm fans, dust filters, 2.5″/3.5″ SSD/HDD support and more with Rakk Anyag PC chassis – Overview

Rakk Gears always bring us great peripherals with an affordable price for a couple of years now. They are always up to date in terms of what a PC builder needs as well as selling their stuff at a lower price guaranteed.
Let’s have a look on Rakk Anyag – a budget PC chassis with cool specs.

Dimensions: 370x185x380mm

Rakk Anyag features an pentagon-like shape on the front of the case and a full windowed acrylic side panel.

Also, it has 2x front USB 2.0 ports and HD Audio ports as well as an optional front USB 3.0 slot/port (USB 3.0 cable to be sold separately).

Rakk Anyag have a magnetic dust filter on top of the case.

and another dust filter on the bottom of the case under the PSU shroud.

For a price of ₱950, this chassis is a best choice for a PC builder that wouldn’t like to spend too much on a case so that you’ll be able to spend more or upgrade some of your components. Rakk Anyag is a cable management ready and has a cover for your PSU and a 3.5″ HDD so you don’t need to spend too much on buying a modular PSU because you can easily hide those extra cables on this chassis.

Rakk Anyag quick specs by Rakk Gears *Fans not included

Furthermore, you’ll be able to add 2x 2.5″ SSD/HDD on the right side of the case (facing window side panel) and adding up to 8x 120mm fans (2x Top; 1x Rear; 2x Bottom; 3x Front). This chassis supports ITX or micro-ATX motherboards with up 4x PCI/e slots, supports up to 155mm CPU cooler in height and up to 340mm Graphics card in length., very neat that won’t break your bank.

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