Mislatel officially declared as 3rd Telco Player

For having passed the evaluation phases, National Telecommunications Commision (NTC) confirms the Mislatel as the new major player in the Philippines.

Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. (Mislatel) is the New Major Player and granted provisional authority on November 9, after competitors Sear Telecom and PT&T were disqualified.

The consortium is from a Davao-businessman Dennis A. Uy who acquired its congressional franchise on April 1998. Mislatel’s winning bid had some critics saying that Pres. Duterte had some influenced on the bidding since Uy donated more than 30M during Pres. Duterte’s campaign but officials said that the previous campaign has nothing to do with the Telco bidding.

..bidding for the third telco has been transparent.

– Pres. Sec. Martin Andanar

Mislatel is being partnered with investors namely UDENNA Corporation, Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corporation and China Telecommunications Corporation which holds percentage of interest of 35%, 25% and 40% respectively.

As the third telco player selected, Mislatel promises to provide 10-50% of the country with at least 5 megabits per second (Mbps) minimum and with a average (maximum) connection speed of 55Mbps for the next five years of service.

.. We’re hoping this 3rd telco is cheaper than their competitors, in terms of speed/price/reliability

– teknolohiya.net

If the consortium failed to deliver what they promised, the gov’t will be able to forfeit Mislatel’s performance bond which is most likely a some sort of penalty for the service provider. (how about the other two telcos? hmm..)

Furthermore, Mislatel has 90 days to submit necessary documents and performance security to the NTC before they start providing services to the country.

Do you think you’ll switch to Mislatel sooner or later? How reliable your internet speed on your ISP? Comment and share us your thoughts.

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