Intel 8th Gen processor

Intel 8th Gen processor is coming your way..

Your 7th Gen Kabylake CPUs is not more than a year old but a new processor is coming too early?
Let’s welcome the Kabylake R, Coffee Lake and Canonlake processors

This 8th Gen Intel Core processors is delivering up to 40% performance boost compared to 7th Gen. Intel 8th Core Generation processors would be based on multiple microarchitectures; namely Kaby Lake R, Coffee Lake and Canonlake. Coffee Lake CPU chips are 14nm while Canonlake will be a 10nm-chip processor that are not yet to be released by this year. Mobile 8th Gen processor will be first available for Laptops and 2 in 1s; Consumer desktop processors will be next.

Mobile 8th Gen processor are not yet (or maybe) Coffee Lake perhaps, they are Kabylake Refresh CPUs which consumes a low/medium power consumption with an average of 15W TDP and supports UHD graphics for 4K display on laptop monitors.

A laptop with 4.20GHz CPU? Maybe these 8th Gen laptops will be able to play intensive AAA games when team-up with a GTX 10-series or RX video cards. Cool!

Coffee Lake Desktop Core i3 processor are now a 4-Core/4-Threads, Core i5 have 6-Core/6-Threads and i7 are now 6-Core/12-Threads which is a huge leap in terms of performance in the history of Intel Core family.

Coffee Lake still use the same “Intel HD Graphics 630” that are currently found on Kabylake processors but it supports 4K display even better as it is now called “Intel UHD Graphics 630” and will support DDR4-2666MHz memory in dual-channel mode.

Sad to say that 8th Gen processors requires Intel 300 series chipset-based motherboard, meaning you can’t upgrade from Skylake 6th Gen or Kabylake 7th Gen to 8th Gen processors without upgrading your motherboard too.

Since you’re going to replace a motherboard and processor on your PC for this kind of upgrade, maybe we should think about Ryzen? hmm..

8th Gen processors are scheduled to be realeased on or before 2017 ends, so are you excited about upgrading your PCs into Coffee Lake CPUs? or ‘not-so-happy’ because you just upgraded to 7th Gen Kabylake CPUs a while ago?

[DATE PUBLISHED: August 22, 2017] Last updated on August 25, 2017 by kierddt


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