What is a Graphics Card for PC

Graphics Card is a dedicated expansion card that gives output to a display. It is commonly use for heavy gaming, image/video editing and also for mining.

Graphics Card or Video Card is an expansion card that gives output and powers up your video performance via connection interface to a display such as a monitor, if you’re a gamer, need to edit large format photos/videos or would like to try mining Cryptocurrency like BitCoin then maybe you need one or two or three..

GPU or Graphical Processing Unit (also refer as the graphics card itself) is the heart of the card that render task more quickly because of its parallel processing architecture, which allows it to perform multiple computations and completes processes all at once.

Why we need a Graphics Card?

Getting a graphics card is simply like giving your computer system a 6-pack abs that makes your gaming experience to its highest quality possible and also improving overall performance of your PC, but depending on the graphics card you purchased. Most PCs have on-board graphics that is built-in unto the motherboards with the exception of (when Ryzen processor used) some CPUs-Motherboards. Integrated graphics draw less power but have limited functionality and performance where-in it’s only recommended for average office/home usage for editing documents, surfing the internet or light games.

Many modern games that is being release recently requires a graphics card in order to play and if you’re going to buy your first GPU, get at least as high-end as possible because it’ll benefit your system in the long run.

by NVIDIA / by AMD

Manufacturer Specific GPUs

    • Gaming specific usage.
      • NVIDIA GeForce GT/GTX
      • NVIDIA Titan
      • Radeon HD
      • Radeon RX
    • Workstation specific usage.
      • NVIDIA Quadro
      • NVIDIA Titan X
      • Radeon Pro
      • Radeon FirePro

Mining Gold using graphics card? No, but..

Cryptocurrency (e.g. BitCoin) is a type digital currency that is a decentralized mode of exchange wherein there’s no specific bank involved because miners find solution using algorithm, build a block and add it to the blockchain and gives you (e.g. BitCoin) as an incentive. You can earn this type of currency by using the power of your system, using graphics card can mine Cryptocurrency effectively (Multiple GPU = More BitCoin) but it always run your video card at a 100% load so you need to learn deeply about mining and setting-up your PC for mining before you do this on your own because it may burn your graphics card or even your whole set-up.


When choosing graphics card, first you need to check whether your motherboard support up to PCIe Bus 3.0 X16 interface (which we recommend) on the expansion card so that you won’t bottleneck your GPU then you should pick at least with a graphics RAM generation of GDDR5  which is a modern type of graphics memory that support high bandwidth interface for better performance computation, and it is your personal choice when choosing your brand/manufacturer of the GPU.

SLI or Scalable Link Interface (NVIDIA) and Crossfire (AMD) is a method of linking two or more video cards together to make single output, it may not double the performance but significantly boost and share workload especially when rendering  3D graphics.

Connection  Interfaces

Graphics card might consumes a lot of power on your system so be sure that your PSU or Power Supply Unit can handle the power needed of the video card and also check if your GPU needs a PCIe Pin connectors (6Pin/8Pin) from the PSU because you won’t get an output if you just plug in your GPU from the motherboard without the source from the PCIe Pin connectors (if necessary). Modular or non-modular power supply isn’t recommended as long as it is a Bronze-Platinum Certified 80+ PSU especially for powering up high-end graphics card. And the maximum safe temperature of a graphics card can go up as high as 80 degree-Celsius so if you’re running Triple-A games at Ultra settings, you’d expect that your GPU runs hotter.

Alright guys, so beef-up your rig by getting a graphics card now!


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