Ano ang Fidget Spinner?

Ang Fidget Spinner ay isang uri ng ‘stress-relieving’ toy. Ito ay mayroong Bearing sa gitna na disenyo mula sa alinman sa iba’t ibang mga materyales kabilang ang tanso, plastic at iba pa.

Sinasabing na-imbento ang Fidget Spinner noon pang 1993 ni Hettinger pero hindi pa ito lubusang sumikat noon.  Ginawa ang Fidget Spinner with a purpose to relieve stress and not ‘basically’ a toy for kids. Basic fidget spinners consist of a two or three pronged design with a bearing in its center, the types of bearing ay karaniwang gawa sa ceramic or steel depending on the variant, some of this have a unique and different spinning sensory feedback.

Standard Fidget Spinner

The most important part of any Fidget Spinner is the 608 ball bearing that is mainly use for skateboard. Based on the quality of the bearing ranging from a few seconds up to a silky smooth spinning that last longer than ‘forever’ , the spin time of your Fidget Spinner may vary depending of what kind of bearing your spinner have. Less friction equals Longer spins, so we suggest to get a bearing with ceramic-made ‘coz they make to spin times longer than the standard steel bearings.

The standard or so-called original variant of Fidget Spinner features a ceramic/steel center bearing and three bearings in the outer rim. It comes in a very simple design, yet it provides incredible spin with an average spin time between 1 and 3 minutes and we also test out this kind of spinner when we drop it 1-meter on a solid ground (since we usually use 1 finger to play fidget spinner and most of the time, it will drop) and the result is surprisingly that the spinner won’t break or crack.

23rd of December last year, Forbes published an article that fidget spinner is a “must-have toy (2017)” and in late march this year, these little toy is a major trending on social media, etc. That’s the time when several manufacturers and sellers (which is mainly came from a gadget company) starts on creating and selling different designs of fidget spinners.


Fidget spinners are meant to be felt because fidgeting may occupy your brain and be at rest on some thoughts you may express involuntarily as well as body movements that are actually a part of the thinking and having a benefits of a ‘mini-ritual’ thing including calming and focusing yourself.

In case you don’t have the tangible fidget spinner itself or not likely to get one, you may download the fidget spinner app right on your smartphone, just tap on your Google Play on Android or App Store on iOS devices and do the swag, swipe and spin your virtual fidget spinner.

So, here’s the question.,
What is your mom’s reaction when she saw you (or someone) playing fidget spinner?

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