Platinum Award

The KING OF AWARDS! Tek’s Platinum Award is only ever presented to products that we believe are the very best in that particular class and the award is generally reserved until we have believe that we have reviewed a good portion of competing products in the same sector. It might be considered to be a best performing product on the market.

Gold Award

Tek’s Gold Award signifies an almost perfect product on review that meets the extremely high standards of the reviewer. It means that no issues could be found or doesn’t affect the performance / overall functionality of the product either way.

Silver Award

Tek’s Silver Award signifies a reasonably high quality and the reviewer believes that the product is still strong among the areas that is matters most. The award commonly determined to set out an address or adds a new concept / update to the product being reviewed as well as to think as a more than a user to match their performance level.

Bronze Award

Tek’s Bronze Award signifies a good quality that can still come recommended from It is often presented to products that may exhibit at least one minor issue. This should be taken by readers as a nudge to peruse the review in its entirety and make their own informed decisions together with thinking on how to improve a certain components.


Gamer’s Choice¬†Award

Tek’s Gamer’s Choice Award signifies an improvement to a users gaming experience that a specific award is required. This award is used by to be an indication of the importance of such products to the gaming community.

Editor’s Choice¬†Award

Tek’s Editor’s Choice Award signifies that the product provides an innovative methods for the improvement of the product as well as the reviewer thinks of that particular product for the value for money when it comes to a market. The reviewer believes that the product must not hurt a budget for the component as well as still considering the performance of the product.