8th Gen processor by Intel is now available

Intel 8th Gen processor is now available in PH

Coffee Lake processors by Intel offers more cores than their previous generation CPUs perhaps, it is the first time that an Intel Core i3 is now a quad-core processor.. But is it worth for an upgrade?

We’ve seen and expected before that an 8th Gen processor will be a mainstream for the rest of their previous processor here. Let’s take a look on their Coffee Lake desktop chips.

For this year, Intel really want to come on top for marketing those CPUs with a higher cores than their previous generation chips.

AMD unleashed a Ryzen 3 quad-core processor line-up few months ago to compete with a Kaby Lake Intel Core i3 which is only a dual-core chip, this triggers Intel to market a quad-core processor for an Intel Core i3 as well as Core i5 and i7.

For a retail price of ₱6,000~ (price might go high due to limited stock in PH), you’ll get an Intel Core i3-8100 which is a 4-core/4-thread CPUs for better multi-tasking and gaming, this comes with a Intel UHD 630 integraded graphics which Ryzen doesn’t have yet.

For those PC enthusiast, Intel Core i7-8700k processor offers up 4.5GHz-5GHz turbo frequency if you got a powerful liquid cooler for better stability. With a 6-core/12-thread CPUs, this is some kinda XEON processor but for a client-based PC which is a good choice for playing any AAA games even while streaming as well as video rendering when equipped with powerful GPUs.

Let’s order some coffee while upgrading PC

But you should keep in mind that if you’re going to upgrade from your not-so-old Skylake or Kaby Lake processor, you need to change your motherboard in order to run a Coffee Lake processor even though they’re both LGA 1151 sockets because there’s no BIOS support update from those chipsets for 8th Gen processors.

An Intel Core i3-8350k will be the my choice for being: “budget mid-range gaming unlocked processor” @4GHz speed ..

Really worth an upgrade to Coffee Lake.

[DATE PUBLISHED: October  11, 2017] Last updated on October 11, 2017 by kierddt


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