5 Tips for buying a USB Flash Drive

5 Tips for buying a USB Flash Drive

Planning to get a new Flash Drive this 2017? Upgrading from a 4Gb or 8Gb Flash Drive to a higher one? Here are your 5 Tips on buying your new USB Flash Drive..


You might need to look for a USB 3.0 or higher version on buying your next flash drive because it is a Super Speed in terms on transfer rate that can transfer data at up to 5 Gbit/s which is 10x faster than the older version USB 2.0, this year 2017 there’s still a lot of new devices including laptops with a socket interface for USB 3.0 (let’s talk about 3.1 later) so better buy a flash drive with a color ‘blue’ interface in it.

In case you have both Desktop/Laptop and a smartphone, you may also want to buy your next flash drive with a combo of USB type-A and a Micro-USB(sometimes Type-C) on it, so you easily transfer your files from one another without the need of a card reader, cord, etc.

Whether you are on a budget or have an extra salary to get that money out of your wallet, always keep in mind to buy your next USB flash drive with a bigger size than what you just need. First thing, you always have a lot of space and you also notice the difference in terms of price at your local store when buying from 16gb storage or to 32gb storage ‘coz you don’t have to pay double when choosing a 32gb storage than a 16gb storage, correct! you pay less.

Try to get a flash drive with a good quality of material, at least get one which is made from rugged or stainless metal outer casings especially on EDC basis because it’s usually features a shock proof as well as a water resistant durability.  In addition, get a flash drive with a keychain like design in order to carry it together with your keys and/or important stuff since it is a small device you may probably misplaced it somewhere else.

This one is optional but if you have a very important files that you need to paste on your flash drive, better get your next small device with a security-lock feature so that if someone or your restaurant competitor stole your flash drive, they won’t get your ‘secret_recipe.txt’ easily. This kind of device may hurt your pocket a little bit but we got you another option, just Turn-On your Bitlocker (Windows PC) set your password and your files will be encrypted.

Be FUTURE-PROOF ready by getting a flash drive with a USB Type-C. dual-mode (USB Type-A & USB Type-C) flash drives are also available on the market. First, it is a reversible connector meaning you don’t need to guess or look the port itself on which way to insert it on your computer and it has a high speed data transfer rate than a typical USB Type-A port as well as media support for various usage. Latest laptops and mobile devices feature USB Type-C receptacles (depending on the manufacturers) and soon enough the USB Type-A port will be phased-out and we welcome this USB Type-C port as our new standard.

[DATE PUBLISHED: June 09, 2017] Last updated on June 09, 2017 by kierddt


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